The best hearing aids available in 2018

We present the best hearing devices currently available from the world’s leading manufacturers


Phonak Audéo Marvel

  • Exceptional sound quality, better speech understanding in noise and reduced listening effort in noise.

  • Direct Bluetooth streaming from Android and iOS smartphones (no intermediary device needed). Enjoy TV, podcasts, music and e-books.

  • Hands-free phone calls use the Audéo Marvel as a wireless headset.

  • Rechargeable model offers ease of use, quick charging and a full day of hearing with streaming.

  • Phonak Remote App turns your smartphone into an advanced remote control.


ReSound LiNX Quattro

  • The newest and most premium hearing solution on the market.

  • Full spectrum of streaming (direct to Android coming soon)

  • World’s most advanced rechargeable solution.


Oticon Opn

  • Processes sounds 50 times faster helping you make sense of sounds with less effort.

  • Ground-breaking technology allowing a fuller and more natural soundscape.

  • Connects directly to your iPhone.


Unitron Moxi All

  • A rechargeable hearing aid that connects to any Bluetooth enabled phone.

  • There is no need to hold the phone. Hear the caller directly in your ear.

  • Your voice is picked up by the hearing aid and sent to the mobile phone.

  • Enjoy the television in stereo sound with the addition of an easy to use wireless accessory.

Signia Styletto

  • Game changer in transforming the look of hearing aids with it’s slim, stylish design with smart technology.

  • Featuring rechargeable technology whereby a full charge will last you 16 hours. Also includes a portable charging case that provides three more full charges.

  • Signia’s touchControl App™ lets you change your hearing aids’ programs and settings remotely via your smartphone.



Phonak Virto B

  • World’s first hearing aid with biometric calibration for better hearing performance.

  • Precisely calibrated to your ears anatomy influencing how sound is captured.

  • Adapts to every sound environment automatically – no manual adjustment needed.


Starkey Muse iQ Rechargeable

  • Currently the smallest rechargeable hearing aid on the market.

  • Delivers over 30 hours of superior hearing on one charge.

  • All-in-one-charger holds enough charge to provide a portable charge without plugging into the wall.



Unitron Moxi Now

  • The world’s smallest Receiver-in-the-Canal hearing aid with a 10 battery.

  • Virtually invisible behind the ear.

  • Red Dot Award Best of the Best winner – Top prize for product design.


Phonak Naída B

  • 5th generation of Phonak’s most trusted power hearing aid.

  • Excellent speech understanding.

  • More audibility of high-pitched sounds.

  • New easy-to-use rechargeable model.



Starkey Halo iQ

  • Intuitively connects to your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and Starkey’s TruLink app.

  • Direct streaming of your phone calls from your iPhone to your hearing aids for clear conversations.

  • Change volume and switch memories on your hearing aids from your iPhone.

Starkey TruLink & Halo 2 Wireless RIC 312.jpg


Signia Pure 312 Nx

  • As a world’s first Signia’s OVP (Own Voice Processing) provides you with a natural sounding own voice for a pleasant, natural listening experience.

  • Can be remotely controlled via your smartphone for convenience and discretion.

  • Speech Quality, 3D Classifier and Sound Clarity are all features designed to help you hear clearly in the noisiest of environments.

What is the best hearing aid?

As humans we love to rank and categorise to see what’s best whether it’s choosing a restaurant on TripAdvisor or checking out the latest film review before watching a movie. It’s always useful to know someone’s opinion on what they think is good or bad before we make our own purchase decisions. 


Why is it difficult to rank one hearing aid above another?

Your hearing is unique

How you like to hear sounds can be very personal to you. All the manufacturers hearing aids will sound slightly different based on the technology inside the hearing aid, algorithms used by the manufacturer and how your hearing care professional fits and programs the devices for you. Two people with a similar hearing range may prefer the sound from different manufacturer’s hearing aids.


The performance of a hearing aids is reliant on the skills of your hearing aid dispenser

You could have bought the most advanced hearing aids but if your hearing care professional is not very adept or familiar with that manufacturer’s software then they might not be able to maximise the technological benefits of using the hearing aid. 

For this reason, some people may not get on with a hearing aid and review it badly when it is not the hearing aids at fault but rather the skills and services of the dispenser. That’s why we think it is vitally important to choose a good hearing care professional with great service provision.


Hearing aids are designed for different requirements

The main objective of a hearing aid is to help you hear more easily and with more clarity. However, there are other objectives that will determine the style, size and fit of a hearing aid. 

For those of us with a smaller hearing range we will likely require hearing aids with more power to provide extra amplification. The more powerful hearing aids are generally larger in size to accommodate a bigger battery. 
Some of us may prefer a discreet hearing aid which would generally be smaller in size so it can remain more hidden. 

It is therefore important to make sure any comparison between hearing aids is based on those that have been designed with the same objectives, style and fitting.


Hearing technology is expensive

As hearing aids are expensive to purchase it is very difficult for a reviewer to have access to a wide selection of the latest hearing aids at the same time. Whilst hearing care professionals often provide trials or money-back guarantees hearing aids generally need to be worn for a minimum of two-weeks for the user to get accustomed to a device. Most customers may only try one or two hearing aids before making a purchase decision.


Hearing aids are not yet mainstream

Whilst hearing aids are not yet seen as fashionable as eye glasses, the perception of hearing aids is improving. The rise of smart ear devices such as the Apple AirPods and Bragi Dash and the continued technical innovation of hearing aids such as the iPhone compatible ReSound LiNX 3D should see the boundary between hearing aids and smart ear devices becomes increasingly smaller. 

As these devices crossover and become more popular, along with a heightened awareness of how important it is to maintain our hearing for health benefits, we should see the uptake of hearing aids from a younger age. If there are more people wearing hearing devices and they are easier to get hold of, due to economies of scale the price of devices should decrease and there will be a greater need and provision for product comparison in the hearing aid sector.


Where do I find reviews?

Although there are increasingly more websites and online forums providing hearing aid reviews or comments from people who are wearing hearing aids as seen on Hearing Tracker and Hearing Aid Know. There are very few professional companies who review hearing aids and technology for consumers.

How can Key to Hearing help?

At Key to Hearing we provide the best hearing aids from the world’s leading manufacturers. We will provide guidance, professional opinion and help to make sure you choose the right hearing aid for your needs. If you have a model in mind we will assess your suitability and let you know if we think it’s a good choice for you.

Our recommendations are based on our knowledge, reliability and customer service provided by the manufacturer. Importantly we also listen to the feedback gathered from our customers who wear these hearing aids on a day-to-day basis.

Contact us if you are looking for 2018's best hearing aids from an award-winning hearing care professional who brings her service to the comfort of your own home.

 Keeley Salmon, Hearing Care Professional at Key to Hearing

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