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ReSound hearing aids from an award-winning Bournemouth hearing care professional

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If you are looking for a ReSound hearing aid professional in the Bournemouth area, then Key to Hearing can help. We have access to the latest hearing devices from ReSound including the award-winning LiNX 3D which is available for you to try when you book an appointment with us.

A smart choice for your hearing care

Keeley Salmon Key to Hearing

Keeley Salmon is an award-winning hearing care professional who has over 14 years’ experience in dispensing hearing aids. During this time Keeley has helped hundreds of people, like you, rediscover their hearing using the latest in hearing technology. 

Key to Hearing was set up to provide the highest levels of audiological care to people in and around the Bournemouth area with a personal hearing care service delivered in the comfort of your own home.

If you are interested in a ReSound hearing aid and want the best in hearing care then let us take care of your needs.

Helping people to rediscover their hearing

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ReSound are a Danish company that have roots all the way back to 1943. As one of the world’s leading hearing solution manufacturers ReSound’s aim is to develop better solutions to help people rediscover their hearing to enable them to live rich, active and fulfilling lives.


Meet the ReSound product portfolio

LiNX Quattro - ReSound’s newest and most premium hearing solution


Giving you confidence in the moments that matter most.

ReSound LiNX Quattro provides:

  • Brilliant sound quality

  • Full spectrum of streaming from audio devices

  • Support and optimisation from anywhere

  • World’s longest lasting and most advanced rechargeable solution


LiNX 3D - A hearing aid that adapts to you

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This Smart Hearing Aid from ReSound, the LiNX 3D delivers top-rated quality and clear speech understanding to provide you a more realistic perception of your surroundings.

  • Spatial Sense – Helping you detect where sounds are coming from with the highest possible sound quality.

  • Binaural Directionality III – Assisting you in focusing in on the sounds you want to hear whilst keeping your awareness of the sounds around you, even in the noisiest situations.

  • Extend your hearing over distance – A great portfolio of wireless accessories can help you hear the TV, around a table or give you hands free streaming for phone calls and music.


ReSound Smart 3D app - Enhance your hearing experience

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Get the most out of your hearing aids with the Smart 3D app enabling you to personalise your hearing experience.

  • Made for iPhone means you can stream your iPhone calls, music and media directly to your hearing aids.

  • Adjust your hearing aid settings and create favourites that can be used for certain activities.

  • Geotag favourites so your LiNX 3D hearing aids automatically adjust when you’re in that location.

  • Track the location of your hearing aids when you can’t find them.

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Hear with clarity

The ReSound ENZO 3D hearing aids bring Smart Hearing to people with severe-to-profound hearing loss. The ENZO 3D is designed to provide clear and crisp sound quality to make hearing that much easier.

  • Take control of your hearing experience – Use the ReSound Smart 3D app to control volume, adjust bass, middle and treble.

  • Make the most of your hearing aids – Pair with a wide range of wireless accessories to help you hear in more challenging listening situations.

  • Sleek design – The ENZO 3D is the smallest hearing aid in its class.


We’re a great choice for the programming and care of your ReSound hearing aids

With 30 Five Star Reviews on Google and lots of recommendations our customers are full of appreciation for our hearing care service. 

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"I cannot recommend them strongly enough..."

"Buying hearing aids for the first time is a challenging exercise. I spoke to High Street retailers and felt underwhelmed. Then I tried Key to Hearing and realised immediately that I was in safe hands. Faultless service - I don't know what they could possibly do better!".

Mr C Gilbey from Bournemouth (extract from Google review)

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"Could not have done more..."

"I can now enjoy a conversation in the car or in a social situation, in spite of the ambient noise. I couldn't be happier with either the product or the expert service I received, and would not hesitate to recommend Keeley to anyone facing the same difficulty with their hearing."

Mrs Conduit from Wimborne (extract from Google review)

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"Totally changed my life..."

"I now can attend meetings and go to restaurants and hear what is going on around me. I am truly grateful to Key to Hearing for their knowledge of the most up to date technology and their concern to get the right solution for my particular problem."

Mr R Froy from West Dorset (extract from Google review)

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Your local ReSound specialist

We have access to the latest hearing technology from ReSound including award-winning LiNX devices for demonstration and trial.

If you are interested in ReSound hearing aids and live in the Bournemouth area then drop us an email or give us a call to see how we can help you.