Batteries and consumables


Key to Hearing supplies hearing aid batteries to suit all hearing aids. Hearing aid batteries come in various sizes and are colour tabbed. A battery is activated once the tab is pulled off.

We encourage people to recycle their batteries. Used batteries thrown in the bin end up in landfill sites, which is harmful to the environment.  

Key to Hearing is happy to collect your used batteries at your aftercare and service appointments and will drop them off at their nearest BatteryBack collection point.  

For details about BatteryBack and collection point locations click on the icon.


Let us supply you with your hearing aid accessories

Hearing Aid Wax Filters

In the Ear hearing aids and Canal Receiver Technology (CRT) hearing aids use a wax filter to help prevent wax and moisture getting into the hearing aid. These need to be changed regularly. Follow the instructions provided or ask your hearing care professional for further details.


Soft domes that fit on CRT receivers and onto micro tubing need to be replaced regularly due to exposure of earwax and moisture from the ear canal. It is also advised to replace the micro tubing regularly to ensure good sound quality. Follow the instructions in the user guide or refer to your hearing care professional for advice.

Standard Tubing

Used on Behind the Ear hearing aids that have an ear hook and a custom earmould attached that fits in the ear canal/and or ear bowl. If left for too long the tubing hardens and discolours. Ideally the tubing should be changed every 4-6 months. This can be changed by your hearing care professional.

It is advised to have regular hearing aid service checks and hearing health checks.