In-ear monitors from Britain's leading manufacturers

The most enjoyable and enriching listening experience possible

Whether you’re a performing musician or listening in the comfort of your own home, in-ear monitors ensure you hear complete sound fidelity. At Key to Hearing we are able to supply you with in-ear monitors from Britain’s leading manufacturers ACS and Minerva.

An unbelievable listening experience with ACS

Hand crafted in their lab in Oxfordshire, ACS use their innovative manufacturing techniques on their custom made in-ear monitors. Using soft silicone to maximise user comfort, specifically chosen and designed components give you an unbelievable listening experience. Let ACS share their love of music with you.

  • Flush and discreet, a fit like no other earpiece
  • Unparalleled isolation in the most demanding environments
  • Earpiece flex allows maximum comfort without fatigue or irritation.

ACS Live! Series

ACS bring you the most feature laden custom in-ear monitors. Find out what the ACS Live! Series can do for you.

  • Built-in microphones when coupled with the Ambient Belt Pack, allows you to mix in ambient sound
  • Integrated crossover
  • Proven detachable cable system
  • Available in a range of transparent colours.

ACS Emotion Live! £899

  • A five driver IEM for deep base and increased output in the high frequencies
  • Largest bass driver alongside dual mid-range and dual treble drivers
  • Find out more about the ACS Emotion Live!

ACS Evolve Live! £599

  • Triple driver set-up and crossover design
  • Largest bass driver alongside mid-range and treble drivers
  • Find out more about the ACS Evolve Live!

ACS Evoke Live! £249

  • Single driver set-up
  • Latest Hybrid transducer technology from Knowles Electronics
  • Find out more about the ACS Evoke Live!

ACS Custom Series

  • Evolving over time with the very best components to provide a dynamic range and power to do your music justice.
  • Suitable for both recording and live performances
  • Featuring new lightweight yet extra strong detachable Linium cable
  • Available in a range of transparent colours.

ACS Emotion Custom £849

  • Full sounding IEM with hard hitting bass, detailed mids and crystal clear highs
  • Five drivers and a three way crossover to bring your music to life
  • Find out more about the ACS Encore Studio

ACS Evolve Custom £549

  • Three drivers and a three way crossover giving a clarity and detail to your sound like never before
  • Retains the reference quality and warm frequency response of the previous T1 Series
  • Find out more about the ACS Evolve Studio

ACS Evoke Custom £249

  • A very credible entry level earphone for those who want to enjoy their music
  • Delivering a wide response with punchy low end bass
  • Find out more about the ACS Evoke Studio

Hear the difference with Minerva

Hear yourself clearly and play at your best during every performance. Minerva guarantee superior sound quality, unrivalled comfort and an impressive sound signature with every in-ear monitor. Minerva have launched the first range of hard acrylic custom IEM’s in the UK. Their hollow shell and robust design helps you to cope with the rigours of regular gigging.

Minerva Mi-Artist range

Designed for professional musicians and vocalists who want the most crystal clear sound quality all the time. The Mi-Artist is Minerva’s premium range combining their most advanced driver designs with hard acrylic earpieces for an unmatched sound signature ensuring you can hear yourself clearly during every live performance.

  • Hard acrylic earpieces enhancing comfort and aiding insertion and removal
  • Removable cables for ease and peace of mind
  • Hollow shell helps to enhance bass response for true-to-life sound representation.

Minerva Mi-Artist Pro from £485

  • Multi Driver, Hard Acrylic IEM
  • Unequalled sound quality, tight bass, smooth mids and sparkling highs.

Minerva Mi-Artist from £295

  • Single Driver, Hard Acrylic IEM
  • Offering great value with high end features.

Minerva Mi-Performer Pro from £385

  • Multi Driver, Silicone IEM
  • Comfortable, high performance with a kicking low frequency response, clean crisp mids and sparkling highs.

Minerva Mi-Performer from £205

  • Single Driver, Silicone IEM
  • Ideal starting level IEM offering excellent value for money.

Please note

Our hearing protection products are all custom made and require ear impressions from the recipient. Key to Hearing require clear ear canals to take ear impressions. If you know that you regularly suffer from ear wax build-up, we would recommend arranging an appointment with your local GP surgery to have your ears cleared prior to booking an appointment with us. Key to Hearing reserve the right to charge a fee for appointments where impressions cannot be taken.

Please note the prices on our website include the cost of the ear impressions and postage for the delivery of the item. Home visits are available at an added cost for this service. Orders generally take 3-4 weeks from the date of impression to fitting.

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