Motorsport and motorcycling noise protection


Long bike journeys at high speeds can lead to deterioration of your hearing range. High noise levels means you have to concentrate harder and may result in you feeling fatigued more easily. By reducing noise levels and fatigue bike plugs can help to prevent you jeopardising your situational awareness and reactions on your bike at critical moments.

Researchers at Southampton University have shown that noise levels under motorcycle helmets can be very high. At speeds above 40mph the noise generated by the airflow over a motorcycle and rider regularly exceeds the noise generated from the motorcycle itself. It is therefore important to make sure your hearing is protected.

At Key to Hearing we have offer a wide range of custom-made hearing protection models specifically designed for motorcyclists. For motorsport enthusiasts we offer hearing protection combined with in-ear car communication.

1. Maintain your awareness

Vented ear pieces allow you to hear your bike, intercoms and sirens whilst cutting down wind and road noise.

2. Premium protection

Custom fitted silicone earpieces ensure you of a great fit whilst providing a highly effective acoustic barrier. These plugs can be comfortably worn for long periods.

3. Under helmet design

All our models are small enough to fit comfortably under your helmet and are available in a wide selection of colours.

ACS PRO-27 Earplugs from £139

  • Part of the acclaimed ACS PRO Filter Series

  • The PRO-27 filters and earmoulds are not interchangeable with other filters and earmoulds in the PRO range.

  • Find out more about the PRO-27 hearing protector.

Minerva Bike Plugs from £115

  • 23dB filter interchangeable with other filters in the Minerva range allowing you to adapt the plugs for different situations eg. At work or concerts

  • Unique handles allow the BikePlugs to be easily removed.

PROTECThear £115

  • Custom made soft silicone filtered ear plug

  • Available in both full shell and canal tip models

  • Discover more, read the PROTECThear leaflet.


ACS PRO Communicator £299

  • Choose between a PRO-26 or PRO-27 filter

  • Same high-fidelity speakers as used in the ACS Evoke Studio in-ear monitors

  • Experience high fidelity audio for both communication and music

  • Kevlar reinforced cable for durability

  • PRO-27dB Filter and Plug not interchangeable with other filters and earmoulds in the PRO range.

Minerva Mi-Bike from £205

  • Designed to offer the best audio experience possible under a helmetLet you hear clearly while protecting your hearing

  • Connect to any GPS, MP3 player or intercom system with a standard 3.5mm jack

  • Many additional options available.

Puretone MotoSound £199

  • Ideal for motorcyclists or racing drivers

  • Custom-made soft flexible silicone material

  • Features a fixed cable with moulded 3.5mm jack plug

  • Available in a wide range of colours.


Please note

Our hearing protection products are all custom made and require ear impressions from the recipient. Key to Hearing require clear ear canals to take ear impressions. If you know that you regularly suffer from ear wax build-up, we would recommend arranging an appointment with your local GP surgery to have your ears cleared prior to booking an appointment with us. Key to Hearing reserve the right to charge a fee for appointments where impressions cannot be taken.

Please note the prices on our website include the cost of the ear impressions and postage for the delivery of the item. Home visits are available at an added cost for this service. Orders generally take 3-4 weeks from the date of impression to fitting.

See the full range of hearing protection modules available from Key to Hearing