Give your ears the protection they deserve with musicians hearing protection

Musicians Hearing Protection - ACS PRO Series £139 per pair

A new standard in musicians hearing protection
The revolutionary ACS PRO Series hearing protectors set a new standard in musicians hearing protection. The PRO Series are custom-moulded to your ear resulting in a comfortable, discreet model that is available in a range of colours and levels of attenuation to suit your situation.
The PRO filters are suitable for any size of ear and offer splash proofing making them suitable for outdoor use and ensuring they remain unaffected by perspiration. The PRO Series also features a vented design which allows sound to escape nullifying the effect of occlusion and making them a great product for both vocalists and wind instrument players.

A great benefit of the PRO Series is the interchangeable filters that allow you to order different attenuation filters for various musical environments without the need to get new moulds.

The PRO Series are designed to enable you to play, perform and listen to music at safer volumes without making you feel isolated from your environment. Take a look to see which of the models is suitable for you and give us a call to order yours.


Hear from customers who we have fitted with ACS Pro protection

"The full range of hearing at a much lower volume level..."

“I have been playing in bands for most of my life and have recently been suffering from hearing loss due to the on stage volumes. Keeley took her time to fit the ACS moulds and I now have the full range of hearing at a much lower volume level.”
Mr Gunn, Poole


"I would thoroughly recommend using these guys..."

“I was looking for some custom fit earplugs for drumming and found Key to Hearing. I found them to be very helpful, knowledgeable and careful with my ears! I now have my custom fit earplugs which I am very happy with. I would thoroughly recommend using these guys.”
Mr Frewer, Bournemouth

ACS PRO 15 in clear.jpg

"Cannot wait to use them at my next gig..."

“I contacted Key to Hearing after my tinnitus worsened by going to gigs. My ear plugs did not give me a good experience and just muffled the sound so I searched for professional help. Keeley was very informative and caring which gave me the confidence to book an appointment for custom made hearing protection. I now have my ACS PRO 17 Protectors and cannot wait to use them at my next gig. I can thoroughly recommend the service provided by Keeley and Will.”
Mr Hill, Southampton


Please note
Our hearing protection products are all custom made and require ear impressions from the recipient. Key to Hearing require clear ear canals to take ear impressions. If you know that you regularly suffer from ear wax build-up, we would recommend arranging an appointment with your local GP surgery to have your ears cleared prior to booking an appointment with us. Key to Hearing reserve the right to charge a fee for appointments where impressions cannot be taken.
Please note the prices on our website include the cost of the ear impressions and postage for the delivery of the item. Home visits are available at an added cost for this service. Orders generally take 3-4 weeks from the date of impression to fitting.

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