Siemens SecureEar

Amplify nature. Silence noise.

Protect your hearing and enhance the sounds of nature

The Siemens SecureEar has been specifically designed for hunters and shooters. Exposure to gunshot without protection will have a damaging effect to your hearing. Traditional ear muffs are bulky and often uncomfortable and although they protect your hearing from loud noises they may not allow you to hear the game, your companions or noises you make which could scare away your prey.


Sharpen your senses

Siemens SecureEar is an active digital hearing device that protects you from the loud blasts of your gun whilst amplifying the sounds of nature around you. The Siemens hearing technology in the SecureEar is able to identify and enhance the sounds you want to hear such as leaves rustling, a twig breaking or a conversation with a friend.


Customised for a perfect fit

Fitting snuggly inside the ear canal their unique customisation to your ear ensures they act like a plug that dampens the noise of your gun.


Siemens SecureEar features

Key features

  • Customised to your individual ear shape
  • Secure and comfortable fit
  • Robust elastic UV material
  • Does not get in the way when shooting (unlike muffs)
  • 312 battery provides up to 230 hours operation.

Protection features

  • Hearing protection with 85 dB maximum output sound.
  • Reduce blasts by up to 35 dB.

Communication features

  • 4 channel sound processing for enhanced hearing and communication
  • Volume control with 24 dB range
  • Maximal amplification 30 dB.

They work flawlessly

“I live outside UK and I'm an active sport shooter and hunter. I need dual protection because of hearing loss I have. SecureEar does what to be expected. They work flawlessly with my electronic muffs in any conditions. They strengthen sounds enough and that is vital for me when using them. Only thing I regret is that I didn't purchase these years ago.”

Eki Lamminmaki, Finland

Ear impressions and current prices

To ensure your Siemens SecureEar fit perfectly for your ears we will require a set of ear impressions. Please see details and prices below.


Including impression appointment

For customers who live in the vicinity of Bournemouth

We will arrange an appointment for you to visit us to have your ear impressions taken. The devices will be posted to you. For further details on this process please see our ear impression page.

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Impressions to be sent to us

For customers who live in the United Kingdom

You will need to visit a local hearing care professional to have your ear impression taken. Once complete we will request you to send you ear impressions to us. Once the devices have been made we will ship the devices to you.


Impressions to be sent to us

International delivery

We will ship to EU countries including Germany, Denmark, Norway and Finland. If you can provide us with suitable ear impressions, we will happily get the product manufactured in England before shipping to your country. Contact us to get a quote.

Comfortable to wear

"The Siemens Secure Ear Protection devices are comfortable to wear. The service from Key to Hearing was kind, quick and effective. I give them my best recommendation."

Helge Hansen, Denmark

Please note

Our hearing protection products are all custom made and require ear impressions from the recipient. Key to Hearing require clear ear canals to take ear impressions. If you know that you regularly suffer from ear wax build-up, we would recommend arranging an appointment with your local GP surgery to have your ears cleared prior to booking an appointment with us. Key to Hearing reserve the right to charge a fee for appointments where impressions cannot be taken.

Please note unless stated the prices on our website include the cost of the ear impressions and postage for the delivery of the item. Home visits are available at an added cost for this service. Orders generally take 3-4 weeks from the date of impression to fitting.

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