The causes of hearing change


Why do changes in our hearing occur

Hearing change can occur through many factors, but the most common form is related to ageing. This is known as ‘Presbyacusis’, which occurs from gradual wear and tear of the sensory hair cells in the inner ear.  

We may not initially be aware of our hearing loss as it can slowly progress over many years. On average a person waits approximately 7-10 years before they seek advice from a professional.  

Hearing change may also be caused by other factors such as exposure to noise, ear infections, injury, illness, medications and genetics or in some cases, simply because the ears are occluded with wax.

Reduced hearing can be a communication barrier. You may find yourself having to ask people to repeat themselves, guessing words to compensate for those you did not hear clearly and feel people mumble when they speak. You may find it increasingly challenging to hear conversation well in a background noise situation and relatives and friends may complain that the TV or radio is too loud for them. If this is the case then Key to Hearing is here to offer advice and support.