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An award-winning Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser who comes to you

Key to Hearing provide home visit ear care and hearing aids across Swanage and Wareham. Established in 2012 by Keeley and Will Salmon our goal is to provide exceptional independent hearing care across the local area. Keeley, a Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser, has helped many Purbeck residents improve their hearing ability with the latest in hearing aid technology.

Keeley Salmon Key to Hearing

Relax in your own home

Specialising in home visit care, Keeley brings a professional yet friendly approach to her work, carrying out hearing tests in the comfort of your home as well as giving advice about hearing technology. Keeley visits Purbeck on a weekly basis to assist clients with their hearing care or to help customers take the first steps on their pathway to better hearing.

We have helped lots of Purbeck residents like you

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“My life has improved…”

“I have been most impressed with all you have done for my hearing. Before I got my hearing aids, I was forever telling my wife that I couldn’t hear what she was saying. You have been so friendly and helpful. I like the invisibility of my hearing aids. My son never noticed them until I pointed them out!! I feel my life has improved”.

Tim Armstead – Wareham


"First class treatment from Key to Hearing..."

"I found the hearing aids made a world of difference. The care and attention to detail provided by Keeley was exemplary. I found the hearing aids easy to use and the fact that you can phone Keeley should a hitch occur was a confidence booster especially for those who are mechanically challenged like myself.”

Mrs Killick - Swanage


"Huge benefits from Keeley’s work has been in my business life..."

“Key to Hearing has helped me in all the different aspects of daily life where good hearing is crucial, but for me the huge benefits from Keeley’s work has been in my business life.”

Mr Clevett - Corfe Castle

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Have your hearing checked at Shaylers Vision Centre, Wareham

If you don’t want a home visit, then Key to Hearing are proud to offer Keeley’s award-winning hearing care and advice at Shaylers Vision Centre in Wareham. If you would like to find out how well you are hearing, want to know about the latest hearing aid technology or are just looking for some hearing care advice then contact us today to book your appointment. If you don't live in Purbeck you can find out more about the other areas we provide our hearing care service on our Hearing Aids Bournemouth page.

If mishearing is getting in the way of your life, you owe yourself the chance to see if Key to Hearing can help.

Being able to hear well means you can enjoy life’s precious moments with family and friends as well as hear everyday sounds, helping you deal with everyday tasks. At Key to Hearing we can help with your hearing needs.



If you like to remain in peak health and want to make sure your hearing range is as good as it can be, let us provide you with a hearing evaluation.


Home visit

Tired of having to leave your home to see your hearing care professional. Let us come to you. No parking problems or traffic jams and most of all we can make sure your hearing devices are personally tuned to your home environment.


NHS hearing aid user

Looking to see if your hearing can be improved with the latest in hearing technology that is not available on the NHS? Or perhaps you want an appointment at a time that suits you. We'll show you what the latest hearing technology can do at an appointment time that is convenient for you.

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Know you would benefit from hearing technology but are concerned how noticeable modern hearing devices are? We can show you some of the most discreet devices available.



Had your existing hearing devices for over four years? Whether it’s improved speech understanding in noise or the ability to adjust your hearing aids with your mobile phone, let us show you the improvements that the latest in technology could make to your life.


Reprogramming or servicing

Recently moved to the Purbeck area and looking for a hearing care professional who will take on the servicing of your existing hearing aids? Or maybe you are not happy with your current service provider? We’ll gladly help take on your care.


Single Sided Hearing

With the latest in CROS technology we can help transfer sounds from the side of your head you cannot hear to help improve your situational awareness.


Ringing in the ears?

You may have tinnitus. Tinnitus is often related to a reduced hearing range and can be helped by using hearing aids. Let us see if we can help you.

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Ties to Swanage and Wareham

Keeley and Will have strong ties to Purbeck. Keeley spent her childhood and early adulthood in Swanage whilst Will, also spent his early years growing up in Swanage before moving to Wareham. Keeley and Will both attended The Purbeck School with Will also playing for Wareham Rangers YFC. Keeley and Will visit Purbeck regularly to see family and friends and Will cycles across Purbeck in the Summer months.

Glowing reviews from our customers across Purbeck

"I feel somewhat 'undressed' without my hearing aids..."

"Before I had my hearing aids I was missing out on quiet things as well as a loss of clarity with speech. My experience with Key to Hearing has been excellent. Keeley has been very helpful and makes it easy. Keeley explains things, more than once if necessary, which I have found very reassuring. I now feel somewhat ‘undressed’ without my hearing aids."

Mrs Ramm – Corfe Castle

"Amazed by the increase in quality of the sound..."

"Her professionalism, attention to detail and sensitivity to the needs of her client are all exemplary. She is always on hand to solve any problems which may occur and she does not stop until the client is totally satisfied.”

Mr King – Wareham

"Hear, Hear I say!..."

“With Key to Hearing you are a personal customer given the care and attention to maximise your unique needs and provided with really good aftercare and nothing seems too much trouble as Keeley really does know her subject matter. Would recommend Key to Hearing very strongly if you want good, knowledgeable and personal service. Hear, Hear I say!”

Mr Baxter – Wareham

Contact us today for help with your hearing

If you would like advice about ear care or hearing aids and live in Swanage, Wareham or the Purbeck area, then we can help you. Book an appointment with us and we will arrange a suitable time to visit your home. Phone us between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday, or out of hours, leave a message and we’ll call you back.