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Precise ear impressions from your local hearing care professional

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Ear impressions for custom in-ear products

At Key to Hearing we can provide you with ear impressions for custom-made ear products including hearing protection, in-ear monitors or communication systems that you have ordered directly from a manufacturer.
We are qualified and insured to take your ear impressions and importantly, know how to perform the procedure correctly and safely. With a vast experience of taking ear impressions you can be assured that we will give the manufacturer the best opportunity to ensure you get a comfortable and secure fit no matter what custom made ear product you are ordering.
If you have ordered a product that requires ear impressions, we would be happy to take your ear impressions for you.

Ear impressions £35 – Silicone ear impressions suitable for hearing protection and in-ear-monitors. Appointments generally last 30 to 45 minutes.

Preparation for impression taking

To enable your custom fitted products to be made we need to take an impression of your ears.
Prior to the impression taking we will conduct a brief medical history so it’s important to tell us as much information as possible to ensure your safety throughout the process.
During the process you may experience some minor sensations such as tickling or coughing and/or fullness in the ear when the impression material is inserted.

Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why we may not be able to take your impressions on your first appointment. The most common reasons are: -

  • Ear wax occlusion

  • Inflammation of the ear canals for example due to colds and flu

  • Infections

  • Recent surgery.

If you are aware that you have recently experienced any of the above, please let us know prior to your appointment so that we can provide further advice. If you know that you regularly suffer from ear wax build-up, we would recommend arranging an appointment with your local GP surgery to have your ears cleared prior to booking an appointment with us.


Impression taking process

  1. An inspection of your ears will be carried out to ensure you have clear ear canals and that it is safe to take your ear impressions.

  2. If it is deemed safe to take your impressions a small foam or cotton stop will be inserted into your ear canal and positioned about half way down to prevent the impression material going no further than needed.

  3. For musician in-ear monitors the impressions will be taken with your mouth open. To do this we will provide you with a bite block to make it more comfortable for you. An open mouth impression ensures a more secure fit if you are singing, playing an instrument or talking.

  4. A soft impression material is slowly dispensed into your ear canal filling the cavity of the ear to capture the internal shape. During this process you will experience a significant reduction in your hearing and a feeling of fullness in the ear as the material sets. The impression material will be left to set for approximately five minutes.

  5. Once the material is set the newly formed mould will be carefully removed from your ear along with the foam or cotton stop. Your hearing levels will return to their pre-impression state.

  6. Your impressions along with your order will be provided to you to send to the manufacturer in a box.


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Precise ear impressions for your custom made ear products.