Take control of your tinnitus


Helping you find relief

At Key to Hearing we can help you to take control of your tinnitus. Our treatment plan will provide you with a combination of management strategies, advisory services and sound therapy so you can:

  • Relieve your tinnitus

  • Become more comfortable with your tinnitus

  • Gain control of your tinnitus.

About us

Key to Hearing are led by award-winning hearing care professional Keeley Salmon. Keeley experiences mild tinnitus so can easily relate and empathise with those who need relief. Keeley has a personal and professional interest in tinnitus and is the chairperson of the local Bournemouth and District Tinnitus Group. 

Keeley is a professional member of the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) who are a charity who strive to be the primary source of support and information for people with tinnitus. Keeley has completed the latest tinnitus adviser training from the BTA. 

Keeley Salmon Key to Hearing
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As a registered hearing aid dispenser with over 14 years’ experience Keeley has seen the benefits that hearing aids can provide to customers with tinnitus. 

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Nothing is too much trouble...

“Keeley’s service is very supportive, sympathetic, professional and inspires confidence. I would not hesitate to recommend her to family members and friends.”
Mr Ed Maeer, Secretary of the Bournemouth and District Tinnitus Group

Our approach

It is important to realise that there is no cure for tinnitus. Our aim is to help you understand and manage your tinnitus, so you can take the first steps to take back control. 

Here’s what you can expect

Background and introduction

The first consultation will be focused on discussing your tinnitus and the impact that it has on your daily life. We’ll discuss when your tinnitus started, what sounds you hear, how bothersome your tinnitus is and how often you experience symptoms. We’ll carry out a hearing and tinnitus evaluation before spending time considering potential tinnitus management options which may offer you immediate relief. 

Putting a plan into action

The second consultation will review what has been discussed and learnt from the initial consultation.  We will demonstrate and trial any sound devices that have the potential to help relieve your tinnitus. Options include hearing aids, combination devices and sound therapy generators. 

Reviewing the outcomes

A third consultation will take place to review how the sound solutions and management strategies have helped to ease your tinnitus.

What we may offer or recommend during your consultations

Listening to sound can help move your attention away from your tinnitus and provide immediate relief. Options we may suggest include:

Sound Therapy

Hearing aids – If your hearing evaluation results show you would benefit from hearing aids a demonstration will enable you to see if they help with your tinnitus.

Nature sounds and music – Smartphone apps can be installed on your phone that play soothing sounds to reduce the contrast between your tinnitus and quiet environments.

Combination devices – A selection of hearing aids that include stound stimuli that soothe the irritating sounds you hear.

Additional Solutions

Relaxation and mindfulness – Yoga and meditation are two examples of activities that have proved to be effective for relieving tinnitus.

Hearing protection – Customised hearing protection can help prevent your tinnitus getting worse if you are subjected to noisy environments.

Sound generator – We can demonstrate devices that play soothing sounds to help reduce your tinnitus awareness. 

Think positively – Remaining positive, keeping busy and focusing on the things and sounds that make you happy can help to keep your tinnitus at the back of your thoughts.

Maintain good sleep routines – Good sleep often results from good sleep practices. By keeping regular bedtime routines, you can have a positive effect on your tinnitus.


Is this service suitable for me?

If you are suffering with tinnitus and have spoken to your GP or seen a medical specialist who have not been able to help you then we would recommend contacting us. Our initial tinnitus consultation costs £60 with further review appointments also costing £60. If we recommend hearing aids after a successful demonstration and you would like the opportunity to try them at home, work or play the cost is £99 for a two-week trial. 

A tinnitus vicious cycle

Breaking the cycle

As there is no known cure it is unlikely that we will be able to completely eliminate your tinnitus. However, we hope to provide you with goals and a strategy to enable you to go about your daily activities without the stress and irritation of tinnitus on a constant basis. Using a holistic approach our aim is to help you learn to accept your tinnitus, so you can focus on the important matters in your life.

Let us help you to make life with tinnitus more relaxing

If you are struggling with tinnitus let us help you find a successful solution with a tinnitus treatment plan that is individualised for your personal needs and works best for you.