Phonak announce the release of the Naída V

“I am convinced the smaller size, reliability and unmatched hearing performance of Naída V on the Venture platform will surpass user expectations, as well as those of hearing care professionals.” - Martin Grieder, Group Vice President Phonak.

Phonak Naída V released

Phonak Naída V released

This week Phonak announced the release of the Naída V. The latest hearing device from Phonak to be released onto their hugely successful Venture platform. The Naida V is the successor to the Naída Q. The Naída V is Phonak’s most powerful hearing aid aimed at those with severe to profound hearing loss.

The Naída V features the following: -

  • SoundRecover2 – The second and improved version of the Phonak frequency compression algorithm. SoundRecover2 helps lower high frequency sounds to give listeners with a limited hearing range access to sounds such as birds singing or a child’s laughter.
  • Smaller size – Despite being Phonak’s most powerful hearing aid the new Naída V is 25% thinner in size compared to its predecessor making it less visible.
  • More robust – The housing is constructed with a new glass fibre reinforced material that is 60% more robust than its predecessor.

The Naída V will be released in the coming weeks. 


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