Oticon hearing aids

Putting people first

"Empower people to communicate freely, interact naturally and participate actively"

Oticon was founded in Denmark in 1904 by Hans Demant and is the world's second largest hearing aid manufacturer. Oticon's promise on "People First" reflects on how their insight forms the starting point of everything they do and is designed to empower people to play an active part in life.

Meet the Oticon family


Oticon Opn

Open up and connect to the world

The Oticon Opn introduces a breakthrough in handling multiple speakers simultaneously. Oticon’s new groundbreaking hearing aid technologies found in Oticon Opn can make it easier for your brain to process sounds. Advantages include:

  • A more natural-sounding soundscape
  • A better sense of where sounds are coming from
  • The ability to hear different people talking at the same time
  • Better clarity of speech, including soft speech
  • Greater comfort, less tiredness and easier remembering of conversations.

Oticon Alta2

For those who want the very best

Alta2 is Oticon’s premium hearing aid that includes every one of their BrainHearing technologies. Providing you with the best sound quality available and access to the widest range of sound and speech details. Soft Speech Booster will help give you a better understanding of soft speech and subtle sounds.

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Oticon Nera2

Gain more out of the moments that are important to you

Nera2 is Oticon’s advanced technology level offering you a superior sound quality and many opportunities for personalisation. Nera2 features three of Oticon’s four BrainHearing technologies working together to offer you a high level of speech understanding in the nosiest of situations.


Oticon Ria2

Remember why good hearing is so important

Ria2 is Oticon’s entry level technology delivering excellent sound quality and featuring two of Oticon’s four BrainHearing technologies. Your hearing aids will communicate continuously and seamlessly to give you a balanced listening experience for good speech understanding, even in noisy situations.


Oticon Dynamo

Stay in the conversation by understanding more

Specifically developed for people with severe to profound hearing loss the Oticon Dynamo aims to give you a more complete sound experience.  Often even with the most powerful hearing aids, critical high frequency sounds are lost making it hard to understand conversations. The Dynamo aims to take these high frequencies and move them to a frequency you can hear so you can stay in the conversation.


Oticon ConnectLine

Your ideal companion

Helping you to get the most out of your Oticon hearing instruments in more situations. ConnectLine is a series of devices that help you connect to a wide variety of communication and entertainment applications and turn your hearing instruments into a personal wireless headset.

You don’t hear with the ears, you hear with the brain

The ears receive sounds and send them to the brain that translates the sounds into meaning. Oticon’s latest hearing aids feature BrainHearing technology, designed to support the way your brain makes sense of sound, with less effort. BrainHearing technology enables you to keep up with fast flowing conversation between friends, family and colleagues much easier and makes it more enjoyable.


Oticon’s audiological focus is to support the way the brain makes sense of sound. Oticon have identified four functions the brain needs to carry out to make sense of the sound it receives:

  • Orient the different sounds, using both ears
  • Separate the sounds
  • Focus on what’s important, using both ears
  • Recognise what each sound is and make sense of it

Inium Sense delivers the power

Oticon’s new generation Inium Sense platform, delivers 30% more processing power offering you more benefits and facilitating Oticon’s best binaural audiology ever.

The features of BrainHearing technology

Oticon’s BrainHearing combines four audiological features that work together continuously: Speech Guard, Spatial Sound, YouMatic and Free Focus.