Hearing aid servicing and programming in the comfort of your home

Home visit service across Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole and Purbeck


Ear care from an award-winning hearing care professional

At Bournemouth based Key to Hearing, we’ll service, program and fine-tune hearing aids you have acquired and take on your hearing care. In Keeley Salmon, owner of Key to Hearing and registered hearing aid dispenser, you’ll have an award-winning professional who can set-up and maintain hearing instruments from all the major manufacturers. More importantly you’ll have someone who can maximise your hearing potential and make sure you get the most from your hearing aids.

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Find yourself in any of the below situations?

  • Have you recently moved to the Bournemouth area and need a professional to continue your hearing aid servicing and aftercare?

  • Have you bought a pair of hearing aids and need an experienced dispenser to program them to improve and bring clarity to your hearing?

  • Are you no longer able to travel and now need a hearing specialist who will provide you with a home visit service?

  • Do you have difficulty travelling to your NHS Audiology appointments and would like a qualified hearing care professional to visit you at home to retube or clean your hearing aids?

Your local hearing care professional

Key to Hearing are an independent hearing company who specialise in home visit care. Established by husband and wife, Keeley and Will Salmon, our aim is to provide the highest level of hearing care to people who live in and around the Bournemouth area. Keeley qualified has a hearing aid dispenser in 2005 and has since helped hundreds of customers experience the best hearing possible.

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The importance of healthy hearing

It’s important to maintain healthy hearing and to look after your hearing aids to ensure you continue to hear with confidence and enjoy life’s precious moments with family and friends. At Key to Hearing we will make sure your hearing helps to give you a sense of well-being with the reassurance of knowing your ears are well cared for. 

We’re here to help no matter what

At Key to Hearing, many of our new customers have turned to us to help maximise the performance of their hearing aids they had originally purchased elsewhere to benefit from Keeley’s experience and our high level of one-to-one care. Other customers have found value in the servicing and programming package we provide in comparison to the take on services found in the major high-street hearing aid retailers.

Our hearing care services

Please see the services we offer for those who have acquired their hearing instruments elsewhere.

Hearing aid programming from £399
Perfect if you're new to hearing aids having bought them online or obtained them through a relative or friend.
* Home visit service
* Ear check
* Hearing evaluation
* Hearing aid check and service
* Fitting
* Hearing aid programming
* Program selection
* Guidance on how to get the best performance from your hearing aid
* Follow-up appointment.
Hearing aid servicing and fine-tuning from £199
Ideal if you have moved to the Bournemouth area or are looking to change your existing hearing care provider.
* Home visit service
* Ear check
* Hearing evaluation
* Hearing aid check and service
* Fine-tuning.
Servicing for NHS hearing aid users £60
Hearing and ear checks, cleaning and retubing of your NHS aids. Ideal if you struggle to get to your audiology department appointments.
* Home visit service
* Ear check
* Hearing evaluation
* Hearing aid check and service.

We recommend semi-annual appointments to ensure we can monitor your ear health and hearing range and make sure that your hearing devices remain in peak working condition. We also offer a hearing device repair service for those who are having issues with their hearing aids. At your appointments we can also supply you with replacement hearing aid batteries and consumables.

Hear from the customers who benefit from our hearing care service

Mr M Hughes.png

Professional and very conscientious

"Keeley is really professional and very conscientious. She accepted my problem as a personal challenge and I am truly delighted with what she has done for me, and her commitment to sorting out my problem was wonderful."

Mr M Hughes – Romsey, Hampshire


"I have my hearing back..."

“First and foremost, the one to one service I have received has been a joy and the result being I have my hearing back.  My friends are now accepting my company especially socially and I am enjoying life.”

Mrs Ira Rogers – Bournemouth


"The improvement has been great..."

“I am disabled, partially paralysed, and my hearing deteriorated over the last year. I was impressed with the first examination and ordered a hearing aid for each ear. The subsequent improvement has been great. The help from Keeley has been first rate and I would recommend her to anyone with hearing problems.”

Mr J Fulford – Christchurch

Let us help you

If you would like your hearing aid servicing or programming in the comfort of your own home and live in Bournemouth or the surrounding area then please contact us.