CROS hearing devices for all around hearing


Phonak CROS B for single sided deafness

Phonak CROS B can be a satisfying solution for you, if you have hearing in one ear only, regardless of whether you have a hearing loss in this ear or not. The CROS B system wirelessly sends the sound from the side where you cannot hear to your better hearing ear. This gives you access to all around hearing delight. See the Phonak brochure on Single Sided Hearing and the Phonak CROS


Features & Benefits

Real Ear Sound - Simulating natural ear acoustics

The sound from the Phonak CROS Transmitter is simulated to have traveled through the whole ear and ear canal.

SoundFlow - Adapting to changing environments

Enjoy real time and automatic optimization to changing environments.

Signal alerts - Full confidence

Be alert to an unlikely event of a connection interruption or low batteryof your Phonak CROS Transmitter.

QuickSync - One-touch synchronization

Synchronizes volume or program settings with one touch either on the Phonak CROS Transmitter or hearing aid*.


Hear from our customers

Mr A Skinner.png

"Allowed me to reconnect with people socially..."

“Having lost right sided hearing due to to an unusual condition called an acoustic neuroma I felt on the outside of conversations and quite isolated. Thanks to Keeley’s skill and attentiveness I was fitted with a CROS aid which improved the situation straightaway. From the first home consultation and assessment to the fitting of the hearing aid took only 9 days and made an immediate improvement which has allowed me to reconnect with people socially.”
Andrew S - Wimborne Minster

Mr R Froy.png

"Totally changed my life..."

“I am pretty well stone deaf in my right ear and have a loss of hearing in my left ear. Keeley told me about a new device called CROS which has the effect of transferring sound from one ear (in my case the deaf one) to the good one. This has totally changed my life I now can attend meetings and go to restaurants and hear what is going on around me whereas before I was not really able to hear anything that was said to me on my right side”.

Mr R Froy – Burton Bradstock


"The CROS system is fantastic..."

"I wear a CROS system and have not regretted taking the plunge! Keeley could not have done more to set my mind at rest and she keeps regular aftercare appointments – she is always on hand if I have any problems or questions. The CROS system is fantastic and has transformed my hearing experience in every environment; in particular I can now enjoy a conversation in the car or in a social situation, in spite of the ambient noise. No one can see them, some friends have asked if I am even wearing them, and are surprised to learn that I am! I couldn't be happier with either the product or the expert service I received, and would not hesitate to recommend Keeley to anyone facing the same difficulty with their hearing."

Mrs G Conduit - Wimborne (extract taken from Google review)


"Vastly improved my interaction with others..."

“My experience with Key to Hearing has been fantastic, I can't praise Keeley highly enough for all that she has done. From the initial testing to the supply, setting up, fitting and adjustment of the hearing aids has all been very professional and directed to my requirements. I am totally deaf in one ear and having the aids has made it so much easier when in a crowded or noisy environment and means that I don't have to be so particular as to where I position myself in relation to other people and has vastly improved my interaction with others.”

Pete Davis - Poole