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Don't just take our word for it

At Key to Hearing we take great pride in our customer care and service. On Google, we have a five-star rating and are the most reviewed hearing care company in Dorset. See the comments, testimonials and reviews we have received from customers whose lives we have helped by improving their hearing or the hearing of a loved one. These are real reviews and photos of our customers.

Mr B Dominy.png

“made me feel more relaxed and confident...”

“I thank you for all your help with my hearing. I feel so much better to be able to join in with people. The service you give is second to none. I would recommend you to other people. It was really getting me down not to hear properly. Your follow-up care has really helped me. It is nice to know you are there to help when I need it. I really like that you come to my home which made me feel more relaxed and confident.”

Mr B Dominy from Swanage


"I would certainly recommend Key to Hearing..."

"My experience with Key to Hearing has been exemplary. Keeley spent a lot of time and thought in making sure I had the most suitable hearing aids and was happy with them. I have had my first follow up to see that all is well, and I would certainly recommend Key to Hearing."

Mrs E Evans from Romsey


"I can now hear much more clearly..."

"I am very pleased with the service I've received. I can now hear much more clearly and with no need to strain to hear what's being said, especially in crowded rooms, and can turn the television down to a level others now find acceptable! I would describe the service as very good, with every care taken to explain the options and costs. I found it invaluable and hassle free in that all appointments took place in my own home."

Mrs E Blundell from Nursling


"Improved hearing has given me confidence..."

"I am very happy to recommend Key to Hearing to those who need help to improve their quality of life with the use of hearing aids. Keeley has given me excellent professional advice, care and individual support and has enabled me to join in group conversations, use the telephone and become part of society once again. Improved hearing has given me confidence and security in my daily activities."

Mrs B Blunden from Christchurch


"Faultless service - I don't know what they could possibly do better!..."

"Buying hearing aids for the first time is a challenging exercise. I spoke to High Street retailers and felt underwhelmed. Then I tried Key to Hearing and realised immediately that I was in safe hands. I cannot recommend them strongly enough, and am so grateful that I found them in my time of need!" 

Mr C Gilbey from Bournemouth (extract taken from Google review)


"I would recommend Keeley..."

“Before I had hearing aids I missed so much. We find Key to Hearing a very pleasant experience and the follow up care is excellent. Since I have had hearing aids my social life has improved. I would recommend Keeley to anybody. She is very good and patient with me.”

Mr C Funnell from Ferndown


"completely rebuilt my confidence..."

“The whole experience provided by Keeley and Key to Hearing, has completely rebuilt my confidence in my business life and all aspects of day to day living. It has been done in a comfortable and relaxed way and always to suit my own timetable and needs.“

Mr Clevett from Corfe Castle


"The improvement has been great..."

“I am disabled, partially paralysed, and my hearing deteriorated over the last year.  I was impressed with the first examination and ordered a hearing aid for each ear. The subsequent improvement has been great.  The help from Keeley has been first rate and I would recommend her to anyone with hearing problems.”

Mr Fulford from Christchurch


"always on hand if I have any problems..."

"Keeley could not have done more to set my mind at rest and is always on hand if I have any problems or questions. The CROS system is fantastic and has transformed my hearing experience in every environment. I couldn't be happier with either the product or the expert service I received, and would not hesitate to recommend Keeley to anyone facing difficulty with their hearing."

Mrs Conduit from Wimborne (extract taken from Google review)


"Key to Hearing should be your choice..."

"On behalf of my husband Ted I cannot describe how life has improved since the fitting of up to date hearing aids. He is now able to hear me when in a crowd, when previously he would sit there and shrug his shoulders which meant he had no idea what I was saying. It makes a difference to me too. The service provided by Key to Hearing has been second to none with many follow up visits to make sure that all is as expected."

Mrs Still from Romsey (extract taken from Google review)


"My lifestyle has improved tremendously..."

"My life has improved 100% since having hearing aids. It 's enjoyable being in company, whereas prior to my hearing aid fitting it was embarrassing. The service received from Keeley has been remarkable, she has shown great care and my lifestyle has improved tremendously."

Mr Stopher from Wimborne (extract taken from Google review)


"A wonderful and devoted service..."

Due to progressive hearing loss, I was becoming unable to converse with individuals or groups of people. I had to have the volume on the tv at 36/40, then I met Key to Hearing, a company devoted to improving individuals' hearing. After only three weeks I had "new ears" and incredibly the tv volume was down to 20. Once again I was able to converse with others thanks to Key to Hearing 's wonderful and devoted service."

Mr Heritage from Southbourne (extract taken from Google review)


"Key to Hearing have been excellent..."

"It was my wife who suggested that I have my hearing tested. Keeley visited my home and although my hearing loss was only moderate she suggested that I could still find hearing aids to be beneficial. I have been wearing them now for several months and my hearing is very much improved. From Keeley's initial consultation through to fitting and the follow up care "Key to Hearing" have been excellent."

Mr G Malkin from Gillingham (extract taken from Google review)


"You just do not know what you have missed until you get it back..."

“I realised that my hearing was gradually deteriorating. I embarrassingly would find myself having to ask people to repeat themselves and I knew that it was time to have some hearing aids. When fitted with my new hearing aids the difference was incredible. You just do not know what you have missed until you get it back. Life is precious and the quality of life even more so. Thank you so much Keeley for your continual expert care and kindness to both Frank and myself.”

Mrs P Stevens from Wimborne (extract taken from Google review)


"I can now hear sounds that I thought had gone forever..."

“Keeley has attended to my hearing deficiency with professionalism, understanding, and kindness. Her knowledge and I say it again; professionalism is second to none. I can now hear sounds that I thought had gone forever. I am sincerely grateful for everything.”

Mr Barnes from Verwood


"I feel undressed without my hearing aids..."

“Before I had my hearing aids I was missing out on quiet things as well as a loss of clarity with speech.  My experience with Key to Hearing has been excellent.  Keeley has been very helpful and makes it easy. Keeley explains things, more than once if necessary, which I have found very reassuring.  I now feel somewhat ‘undressed’ without my hearing aids.”

Mrs Ramm from Corfe Castle

Mr R Froy.png

"totally changed my life..."

“I am pretty well stone deaf in my right ear and have a loss of hearing in my left ear. Keeley told me about a new device called CROS which has the effect of transferring sound from one ear (in my case the deaf one) to the good one. This has totally changed my life I now can attend meetings and go to restaurants and hear what is going on around me whereas before I was not really able to hear anything that was said to me on my right side”.

Mr Froy from Burton Bradstock


"A great service delivered by a nice lady..."

“Life improved greatly with the hearing aids. I could not do without them. It is also an advantage that Keeley keeps in touch periodically and visits users at home by appointment. A great service delivered by a nice lady.”

Mrs Paterson from Bournemouth


"My life has improved..."

“I have been most impressed with all you have done for my hearing. Before I got my hearing aids, I was forever telling my wife that I couldn’t hear what she was saying. You have been so friendly and helpful. You have always been happy to answer my lengthy list of questions. I like the invisibility of my hearing aids. My son never noticed them until I pointed them out!! I feel my life has improved”.

Tim Armstead from Wareham


"allowed me to reconnect with people socially..."

“Having lost right sided hearing due to an acoustic neuroma I felt on the outside of conversations and quite isolated. Thanks to Keeley’s skill and attentiveness I was fitted with a CROS aid which improved the situation straightaway. From the first home consultation and assessment to the fitting of the hearing aid took only 9 days and made an immediate improvement which has allowed me to reconnect with people socially.”

Andrew S from Wimborne Minster


"Hear, Hear I say!..."

“With Key to Hearing you are a personal customer given the care and attention to maximise your unique needs and provided with really good aftercare and nothing seems too much trouble as Keeley really does know her subject matter. Would recommend Key to Hearing very strongly if you want good, knowledgeable and personal service. Hear, Hear I say!”

Mr Baxter from Wareham


"My hearing has been considerably enhanced..."

“I can thoroughly recommend Keeley for her care and meticulous attention to detail. My hearing has been considerably enhanced”.

Mr Tindale from Bournemouth


"Very satisfied with the aids and with the service..."

“Although I have had basic hearing aids for several years, I still had hearing problems in certain situations e.g. in crowds, T.V. The consultation with Keeley took place at home and after supplying the hearing aids Keeley called in several times and adjusted the sound to suit me. Overall I am very satisfied with the aids and with the service.”

Bob Cannon from Bournemouth


"I think of you as a friend..."

“I would like to say how delighted I am with my hearing aids. My hearing wasn’t brilliant and my family often grumbled at me when I obviously wasn’t hearing all they said conversationally. Keeley was most helpful and patient with me and I now feel I’ve always had them and find them most beneficial. I look forward to your visits. You are most professional and yet I think of you as a friend. Thank you Keeley.”

Jean Geddes from Swanage


"Finding Key to Hearing has changed my life completely..."

“Finding Key to Hearing has changed my life completely. Keeley was most helpful ensuring I had the correct hearing aids for my situation. The follow up care has been superb. Life has certainly changed. I would recommend Key to Hearing to everyone because of their efficient and prompt service.”

Joan from Poole


"in the privacy & comfort of my home is a luxury which I truly appreciate..."

“To have all this carried out in the privacy & comfort of my home is a luxury which I truly appreciate. Keeley Salmon's commitment ensures patients like me enjoy the best possible quality of life through better hearing.”

Mr Woolfstein from Bournemouth

Mrs I Rogers.png

"I have my hearing back..."

“First and foremost the one to one service I have received has been a joy and the result being I have my hearing back. My friends are now accepting my company especially socially and I am enjoying life.”

Ira Rogers from Bournemouth


"I look forward to your follow-up visits..."

“The improvement in the performance of my hearing aids over those previously fitted at a hospital cannot be exaggerated. Invisible when worn, excellent sound reproduction in all situations and so comfortable I often forget I am wearing them. You are so knowledgeable and friendly, I look forward to your follow-up visits and nothing seems too much trouble."

Mrs Chapman from Nursling


"My experience with Key to Hearing has been fantastic..."

“My experience with Key to Hearing has been fantastic, I can't praise Keeley highly enough for all that she has done. From the initial testing to the supply, setting up, fitting and adjustment of the hearing aids has all been very professional and directed to my requirements."

Pete Davis from Poole


"Enhanced hearing is enhanced life..."

“The friendliness and convenience of your home visits and the professionalism and knowledge you bring in monitoring my hearing progress is always a source of pleasure. Enhanced hearing is enhanced life. Thank you.”

Barbara from Christchurch


"First class treatment from Key to Hearing..."

“My wife who is partially sighted received first class treatment from Key to Hearing. The care and patience shown was excellent.”

Mr Cruse from Wareham


"My hearing is now everything I wished for..."

“Life was very difficult before I had my new hearing aids from Key to Hearing. I can only say that my experience with Keeley has been perfect, and my hearing is now everything I wished for.  Thank you.”

Mrs Alford from Wareham


"A much easier lifestyle..."

“The resultant improvement in our hearing has led to a much easier lifestyle, and we are extremely grateful.”

Mr and Mrs Francis previously of Salisbury, Wiltshire


"nothing short of inspirational..."

“Key to Hearing provided hearing aids for my husband and the experience of dealing with Keeley Salmon was nothing short of inspirational. The service my husband received, the care and kindness he received, and the attention to detail was absolutely extraordinary - nothing was too much trouble, everything was most carefully and patiently explained, and the hearing aids that were provided have virtually given back my husband's hearing altogether! I could not recommend Key to Hearing more highly, for every possible reason, and I certainly know where to seek advice for anyone I know and of course, for myself!”

Mrs Reynolds from Wareham


"I chose well when I asked Key to Hearing for help..."

“It was slightly disconcerting to admit to becoming a little hard of hearing but I chose well when I asked Key to Hearing for help. Keeley has provided me with quality hearing aids and her attention to detail in every aspect of her advice, supply and fitting, plus follow-up visits, has been excellent - and all this in the comfort and calm of my own home."

Betty from Poole


"The after care service for my aids has been second to none..."

“I was recommended to Key to Hearing by a friend. I was impressed by Keeley's professionalism at our initial consultation and subsequent appointments. The after care service for my aids has been second to none and I thank Keeley for restoring my hearing to a quality I had forgotten.”

Mr Aggas from Wareham (extract taken from Google review)

Mrs V Heckford.png

"My life has been transformed since meeting Keeley..."

“My life has been transformed since meeting Keeley.  She put me at ease, gives excellent care and attention and is very friendly.  It’s wonderful hearing the birds, the TV is no longer up too loud and I can even hear the ticking of my kitchen clock which I haven’t heard for a great number of years."

Violet Heckford from Wimborne


"transformed my hearing life..."

“Keeley is the most unique and caring audiologist one could hope to meet, she is caring, clever and highly qualified. Keeley is dedicated in her work with her main aim being to help people who suffer from loss of hearing. I am so pleased and delighted and need to say that she is the most special and kind lady I could have wished to meet who has transformed my hearing life.”

Mr Churchfield from Swanage


"A very friendly and easy person to talk to about your problems..."

“Keeley Salmon has been more than helpful in helping me sort out my hearing problems. She is a very friendly and easy person to talk to about your problems. I would highly recommend Key to Hearing Ltd.”

Mr Haycock from Wimborne


"the very best that I have received from anyone in the course of my long life..."

“At the age of ninety I can state unequivocally that the excellent service I have received from Key to Hearing in the person of Keeley Salmon has been amongst the very best that I have received from anyone in the course of my long life.” Learn more

Mr Ankers from Swanage


"attention to detail and sensitivity to the needs of her client are all exemplary..."

"Her professionalism, attention to detail and sensitivity to the needs of her client are all exemplary. She is always on hand to solve any problems which may occur and she does not stop until the client is totally satisfied.”

Mr King from Wareham


"Nothing is too much trouble..."

“Nothing is too much trouble and Keeley will always visit the house as and when necessary to check my hearing and adjust the aids. The service is very supportive, sympathetic, professional and inspires confidence. I would not hesitate to recommend her to family members and friends."

Ed Maeer from Poole


"the professional and friendliness of Keeley was superb..."

"My quality of life is greatly improved with a hearing aid from Key to Hearing. The service received in the comfort of my own home and the professional and friendliness of Keeley was superb. The follow up care, making sure I was 100% happy with my new hearing aid was also very much appreciated.”

Mrs Barber from Bournemouth


"the hearing aids made a world of difference..."

"I found the hearing aids made a world of difference. The care and attention to detail provided by Keeley Salmon was exemplary.”

Mrs Killick from Swanage


"I can now hear bird song..."

"I would like to thank you for your help in fitting me with hearing aids. I found conversation in large rooms and even conversing with family and friends difficult. Since then I can now hear bird song which I was unaware of before and voices clearer on TV and radio. I am very satisfied with both fitting and follow up care and would like to recommend this service to others.”

Mr Pearce from Wareham


"really professional and very conscientious..."

“Keeley is really professional and very conscientious. I am truly delighted with what she has done for me, and her commitment to sorting out my problem was wonderful.”

Mr Hughes from Romsey (extract from Google review)


"We would definitely recommend Key to Hearing..."

“Keeley is thoroughly professional, knowledgeable and is always willing to provide good advice when needed. She is also very pleasant to talk to and my mother feels comfortable during her visits. Keeley is always happy to arrange a visit at a time convenient to us. We would definitely recommend Key to Hearing.”

Mr Tydeman from the New Forest