Discreet Virtually Invisible Hearing Aids

Virtually invisible hearing aids

If you feel that your hearing would benefit from amplification but are concerned about how noticeable modern hearing devices are then take a look at the virtually invisible hearing aids available from Key to Hearing.


Phonak Virto B-Titanium

Feel confident with this super discreet device

Introducing Phonak's smallest ever in-the-ear hearing instrument. Barely visible and so small you can feel relaxed knowing you will be able to hear well. Made from high-tech titanium material it's incredibly strong , light but highly durable. The Phonak Virto-B Titanium features Autosense OS which adapts to the environments you encounter to ensure excellent hearing performance wherever you go.


Starkey SoundLens Synergy

The hearing aid heard and not seen

Starkey’s first and most popular custom-fit invisible hearing aid ever made. They’re custom fit to your ear canal so they rest deep inside your ear providing all-day comfort but invisible to those around you. The SoundLens Synergy features Starkey’s innovative features including feedback canceller and a noise reduction and speech preservation system that’s designed to help you hear clearly in the noisiest of environments.


Oticon’s IIC models

Incredible performance in a small hearing device

Oticon’s tiny invisible in the canal “IIC” hearing aids offer complete discretion. Fully tailor-made specifically to fit your individual ear canal, Oticon’s IIC models are the first in the world to feature wireless technology (Check with us to see if your ear canals are wide enough to support this). The wireless technology allows you to connect to your smartphone, TV, tablet or MP3 player via a streamer.