Hearing aid accessories to make life easier


There is a large portfolio of wireless accessories that can be used with your hearing aids to help you hear more in challenging situations, during phone calls, when listening to the TV and multimedia or in noise over distance. Read on to find out more.


Remote Controls

Allows the user to vary the volume of their hearing aid and navigate through programme selection. They are lightweight and simple to use.


For Connectivity

These hands-free accessories let you to enjoy sound directly to your hearing aids from your communication and entertainment devices like mobile phones, TVs and MP3 players. They also act as a remote control that can be used to change your hearing aid volume and programmes.

Oticon ConnectLine app.jpg

Phone Devices

Telephone conversations can be a challenge, especially for those with a reduced hearing range. Phone devices allow hands-free connectivity. They can help to break down communication barriers when on the phone.  The device is paired to your mobile phone and streams the telephone call through a small neck loop device. An alert in the hearing aid is heard when someone calls. Some phone devices work without the use of a neck loop.  Phone devices are also available for landlines and work in a similar way.


TV Devices

Giving you the ideal TV listening experience. A device is plugged into the TV, which wirelessly transmits the TV sound directly into your hearing aids. Some hearing aid systems use a small neck loop to transmit the sound wirelessly from the TV device to the hearing aids, while others work completely wirelessly direct from the TV device to the hearing aid (bluetooth).


Remote Microphones

Allows the user to hear one to one conversation clearly in life’s most challenging listening environments. The device is worn by the person you wish to hear and works by connecting wirelessly to a small neck loop worn by the hearing aid user allowing improved one to one communication.


Smartphone applications

Smartphone applications connect with your streamer device allowing you to easily take control of programs and volume through your smartphone or smart device.