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High quality hearing aid batteries for customers in Bournemouth and beyond

At Key to Hearing, we want you to get the most from your hearing aids. That’s why we supply hearing aids batteries from one of the world’s leading manufacturers, Rayovac. If you live in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Purbeck, or one of the surrounding areas in Dorset, we can personally supply your hearing aid batteries when you book a hearing care appointment with us. Alternatively, we can post your batteries to any UK location.


Rayovac ProLine Advanced hearing aid batteries from Key to Hearing

We stock the full range of Rayovac ProLine Advanced hearing aid batteries. These come in a range of sizes to fit all battery-powered devices. All ProLine batteries feature Rayovac’s Active Core Technology, which is proven to make these batteries the longest lasting on the market (1).

Each pack of hearing aid batteries is supplied in secure, easy to handle packaging, with colour-coded tabs to indicate the battery size. To activate the zinc-air battery, you simply pull off the tab and wait a minute or so for air to enter the battery so it can start working.


Cutting-edge Active Core Technology

As hearing aids become more sophisticated and high-performance, it’s important that the batteries you use can keep up with the ever-increasing demands you place on them.

Rayovac’s Active Core Technology features an innovative design which provides power on demand, so your batteries won’t drain if you’re wearing your hearing aids but not using them. Combined with an advanced anode, this means ProLine Advanced batteries last longer, are more reliable and offer greater stability and durability than other models.

This makes these batteries the ideal choice if you often use high-drain features such as audio streaming, speech recognition and environmental awareness technology.


Secure, resealable packaging

We know from talking to our customers that user-friendly packaging is almost as important as long-lasting battery power. Rayovac have redesigned their packaging to make it easier to handle, as well as the ideal size to fit in your pocket.

To release an individual battery, you simply turn the easy-grip dial and remove the battery using the forward-facing door. The door can then be resealed, keeping your other batteries safe and secure.

Rayovac have also made the activation tabs on each battery longer and wider – ideal for customers with limited manual dexterity.



Q. How do I choose the right battery type for my hearing aids?

A. All hearing aid batteries come in an industry-standard range of 4 colour-coded sizes as follows:

  • Size 10 or PR70 (yellow tab)

  • Size 13 or PR48 (orange tab)

  • Size 312 or PR41 (brown tab)

  • Size 675 or PR44 (blue tab)

The size you need depends on the type of hearing aids you use. If you’re not sure, please contact Key to Hearing and we’ll be happy to supply you with the correct batteries.

Q. What can I do to make them last longer?

A. It’s a good idea to buy your batteries in small quantities so they don’t start losing power whilst being stored. You should also switch off your hearing aids and remove the batteries when you’re not using them, such as overnight. You could also try keeping a record of how and when you’re using your hearing aids, to help you identify patterns in battery usage and anticipate when you need to buy more (you should always keep a few spares, however).

Storing and looking after your hearing aids and batteries correctly will help, too – see below for details.

Q. How does the zinc-air technology work?

A. Zinc-air batteries are activated by oxygen in the air. When you remove the tab from a new battery, air enters it through small holes in the cell and makes it start working after a minute or so. It’s therefor important to leave the tabs in place until you want to start using your batteries.

Q. Why isn’t my new hearing aid battery working?

A. The most common reason is that the battery hasn’t been ‘aired up’. In other words, you haven’t waited at least a minute after removing the tab before putting the battery in your hearing aid. Not enough air has entered the battery yet, so it won’t work. Try taking it out, waiting at least a minute, and putting it back in.

Q. How do I order batteries from you?

A. If you’re a regular Key to Hearing customer, we’ll supply you with batteries when we visit you for hearing aid aftercare and device servicing appointments every 6 to 9 months. These appointments are recommended so we can keep an eye on your ear health and hearing aid function and carry out a hearing check-up if required. The batteries we supply during these appointments will be offered at reduced rates.

Q. Can I buy batteries from you if I’m not a regular Key to Hearing customer?

A. If you don’t have regular appointments with us, or have never used our services, you can still buy hearing aid batteries from us. However, these will cost slightly more than for regular customers to cover the costs of administration and postage. To order your hearing aid batteries, please contact us. Or, if you live in the Dorset area, why not explore the benefits of choosing us as your regular, local hearing care provider?

Q. How should I store and look after my hearing aid batteries?

A. We recommend you keep unused batteries in their packaging until you’re ready to use them. Or, they can be stored in a battery caddy, which can also be used to keep your current batteries in overnight or during periods when they’re not in use. Your batteries must be kept in cool, dry conditions and out of the reach of children.

When handling your batteries, make sure your hands are clean and dry. It’s important to clean your hearing aids regularly to prevent dirt or debris affecting device or battery performance levels. Try to avoid using your hearing aids in very dry or humid environments, and never wear them whilst bathing, showering or swimming.

Q. Are Rayovac batteries environmentally friendly / recyclable?

A. All the hearing aid batteries we supply are mercury-free, which help reduce their environmental impact. The batteries can be recycled, and we strongly encourage this to prevent them ending up in landfill.

If you’re a regular Key to Hearing customer, we’ll collect your used batteries at your aftercare and servicing appointments and arrange for them to be recycled. If you’d like to recycle your own batteries, you can find a list of BatteryBack collection points here.

Q. I find it difficult / I don’t like using hearing batteries – is there an alternative?

A. Depending on your individual hearing needs, you may be able to try a rechargeable hearing aids, which don’t require frequent battery changing. You can find out more about our range of rechargeable hearing aids here, or contact us to book a consultation and no-obligation demonstration in the Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch or Purbeck areas.


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For more information about our range of hearing aid batteries, or to book a hearing evaluation, aftercare or device servicing appointment, please contact Key to Hearing today.

(1) Source: Rayovac website. Based on ANSI/IEC tests for battery sizes 10, 13 and 312.