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Investing in a hearing aid is only part of your journey with us

Following your initial fitting your hearing aid will need to be customised and programmed to your specific needs to allow you to get accustomed to the new and different sounds around you. Fine tuning adjustments will help you to maximise your hearing range in differing situations.

Follow up appointments are offered so that we can monitor your progress and address your personal preferences. If you invest in a hearing solution we recommend a minimum of two years essential aftercare to help you get the most out of your hearing aid(s).

Once you are enjoying the full benefits from your hearing aids, on-going support is provided so that we can monitor your hearing and hearing aid performance over the upcoming years. We recommend semi-annual hearing care reviews.

Our recommended two-year aftercare service

At Key to Hearing, we believe it’s important for you to see your hearing care professional regularly, to make sure your chosen solution keeps meeting your needs and any changes to your hearing are identified. That’s why we recommend a comprehensive two-year aftercare package with all our hearing aids which can be extended to three, four or five-years on request (shorter care packages are also available). 

Here’s what you can expect from us:

Initial introduction and hearing evaluation Your chance to meet Keeley to discuss your hearing needs and for us to carry out a full hearing evaluation and offer advice on hearing solutions.
Hearing device fitting Two weeks Your hearing aid fitting and introduction to your new hearing solution.
First follow-up Three weeks An initial review of your progress with your new hearing device and for us to make any adjustments based on your feedback and our expertise.
Second follow-up Five weeks A further consultation to monitor your progress and carry out fine tuning adjustments.
Third follow-up Two months End of 60 day money back satisfaction period. Further progress evaluation.
Mid-year review Six months A general service consultation to review your hearing aids and check your progress.
Annual review 12 months Recheck of your hearing, general service and reprogramming of your hearing aids.
Mid-year review 18 months As per previous mid-year review.
Annual review 24 months Completion of two year aftercare package. Your first paid appointment which includes a check of your hearing, general service and reprogramming of your hearing aids.

Need any extra help during the two years? Don’t worry. If you have any issues with your device, please contact us and if necessary, we’ll arrange a visit at no additional cost.

Ongoing aftercare

When your aftercare period is up, we recommend you book six monthly reviews with Keeley to make sure your hearing remains well cared for. Our home visit service includes hearing check-ups, hearing aid programming adjustments and a maintenance service to keep your device in peak condition.


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