Phonak release the Virto V

"There is no other hearing aid this small that is capable of this much performance" - Martin Grieder, Group Vice President Phonak

Phonak Virto V coming soon to the UK

Phonak Virto V coming soon to the UK

This week Phonak announced the release of the Virto V the successor to their Virto Q custom fitted hearing device. The Virto V joins the Audeo V and Bolero V on the new Venture platform.

The Virto V runs on Phonak's AutoSense Operating System, a staple of the Venture platform, which draws on the help of 200 settings to adapt to a sound environment automatically without any manual interaction.

A new Floating Antenna design enables the Virto V to provide more performance in a smaller size (25% reduction in visible surface) and a more agile custom product. The new design also features a faceplate with nano-coated battery doors, volume control and push button.

The Virto V is compatible with the Phonak Wireless Communication Portfolio and CROS II (for single-sided hearing) and also features Phonak’s Binaural VoiceStream Technology, Wireless Functionality the Tinnitus Balance noise generator. Expect to see the Virto V to land on these shores in the next few months.


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