Protect your hearing aids from moisture

As hearing aids are worn on and/or in our ears moisture cannot be completely avoided. However it is very important to keep your hearing aids dry to make sure they continue to work properly. A clever way to do this is to use a drying pot/bag and drying capsules.

To use: -

  • Add a drying capsule to the reusable drying pot/bag.
  • Place your hearing aid/s in the drying pot/bag without the batteries and leave the battery door/s open as this allows moisture to escape more easily.
  • Ensure you close the lid of the drying pot or seal down the bag and leave overnight.
  • In the morning your hearing aids will be ready to wear.

Keeping your hearing aids dry helps to prolong their lifespan and ensures they remain in the best working condition. Bags, pots and capsules are available from us. Contact us today or click the link to find out more about batteries and consumables.