Unitron North and Phonak Venture Launch

This year has seen both Unitron and Phonak launch their latest hearing devices to much acclaim.

Unitron North

Unitron’s latest devices are on their new North operating system and feature a series of aesthetically pleasing designs. Their latest Moxi Fit receiver in the canal model has recently received a prestigious 2015 Red Dot Award for product design.

Hearing conversations in background noise is the biggest challenge for hearing device wearers. The North platform specifically targets some of these areas. Unitron’s new SoundNav automatic program offers precise classification of seven different environments, four of which are conversational based. Each conversation comes with its own unique set of background sounds, with the Unitron North product range you can effortlessly enjoy conversations no matter what your situation.

With Unitron Flex we offer you the opportunity to test drive Unitron’s products. We fit you with the latest technology at a level of your choosing and you wear the devices in your day to day life. If you love the benefits of the hearing devices we simply order you your own pair. Another great feature of the Unitron software is the ability to be able to upgrade your existing devices in the future if you would like some extra help in challenging situations.

Phonak Venture

The sounds around you change constantly and vary not only in loudness and type but also in the mix and predominance of one sound over another. Phonak’s latest Venture platform features their new AutoSense operating system specifically developed to help you hear what is important to you. AutoSense is able to accurately capture and analyse sounds in real time to precisely match your exact listening environments. Regardless of your whereabouts your hearing aids will automatically and seamlessly adapt in real time to optimise your settings based on your listening environment.

The feedback from our customers who have been fitted with this technology has been great. If you are interested in trying the latest technology or are looking to upgrade your existing Phonak or Unitron hearing devices then give us a call to book a demonstration.