Unitron Tempus – The best in conversations

Introducing Unitron’s latest platform

April saw the launch of Unitron’s new Tempus platform. The Tempus platform is 50% more accurate and 36% faster in recognising and locating speech compared to Unitron’s previous North platform. The Tempus platform aims to ensure that you can hear your absolute best in every type of conversation including those in background noise whilst delivering Unitron’s most natural sound ever.

Unitron Tempus hearing devices available from Key to Hearing

Unitron Tempus hearing devices available from Key to Hearing

Platform highlights

  • Available in eight designs three of which are prestigious Red Dot award-winners.

  • Featuring the world’s smallest receiver-in-the-canal hearing aid Moxi Now.

Learn more about the Unitron hearing devices available at Bournemouth based, Key to Hearing.

The world’s smallest rechargeable hearing instrument

The new Moxi Fit R is the smallest rechargeable hearing device in the world (based on exterior dimensions when compared to other products in its class). Unlike Phonak’s rechargable hearing devices, the Moxi Fit R can also use traditional zinc-air batteries in emergencies ensuring that even if you forgot to charge them overnight you are never caught out. They also feature a telecoil and push button for ultimate control.


  • Offers more than 24 hours of use

  • Charge while you sleep, in just 6-7 hours

  • One rechargeable battery lasts an entire year

  • 100% fully recyclable battery

  • Available in six colours

  • Compatible with existing Unitron accessories

Backwards compatible rechargeable kit

For existing Moxi Fit users they now have the option of making their hearing devices rechargeable thanks to a new rechargeable kit. Ideal for those that don’t want the hassle of changing batteries at inopportune moments or who struggle with dexterity issues.

What we say

Keeley had first-hand experience and training at the UK launch in London at the beginning of April and we now have stock of the Tempus devices available for customers to trial. The Unitron Tempus platform looks to continue the recent success Unitron have had with the previous North platform which has been a great success with our customers.

Available now

If you would like to see how the Unitron Tempus platform can improve your conversations contact us to arrange your demonstration.