Unitron Insera – The new ITE hearing aid from Unitron

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Unitron expand the Tempus platform with the release of Insera

Unitron have announced the forthcoming release of Insera their new ITE hearing aid family to feature their Tempus platform. The Tempus platform was successfully launched earlier this year for Unitron's behind-the-ear hearing aids. 

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Unique design improves speech understanding

Focusing on how unique our ears are the Insera ITE EarMatch process optimises directional microphone performance by adjusting to individual differences in your ears. Tempus technologies such as SpeechPro and Spatial awareness will help provide you with fantastic speech understanding in conversation.

The official word

“Unitron has engineered its unique Tempus sound processing platform around a philosophy of realism, so everything naturally sounds just the way it should. This means patients are aware of what’s happening around them and know, not only where sounds are coming from, but also perceive the emotional undertones that accompany those sounds,” explains Andre de Goeij, Senior Director, Product Management and Strategic Initiatives for Unitron. “Driven by Tempus, Insera provides our very best directional performance in custom products, bringing patients closer to the heart of conversations and ensuring they don’t miss out.”

What we say

We look forward to the Tempus platform finally being available in ITE designs. Customers we have fitted with Unitron Tempus behind-the-ear (BTE) and receiver-in-canal (RIC) style hearing devices have been really pleased with the performance. The Insera ITE's will launch in the UK in October.


[Unitron]: Unitron extends and advances Tempus platform line up with Insera ITE family and new Stride M R rechargeable [http://unitron.com/content/unitron/us/en/about/news.html: [Aug 22 2017]