Introducing the Oticon Opn S – the nearest you can get to normal hearing


Key to Hearing, the Bournemouth-based audiologists have unveiled the latest addition to their range of hearing aids: the Oticon Opn S. Billed as offering the ability to ‘Enjoy speech understanding on par with normal hearing’, the device offers excellent sound quality even in the noisiest of environments.


A 360 degree sound experience

Unlike traditional hearing aids which only let you focus on a single sound – normally the person you’re talking to – Oticon Opn S gives you a 360 degrees hearing experience so you can hear and enjoy all the different sounds going on around you.

The device’s cutting edge BrainHearingTM technology constantly scans your environment and supports your brain in hearing and interpreting sounds. This makes it easier to understand speech and join in conversations with multiple people, so you’ll find busy social occasions less challenging 1.


Superb connectivity


With the ConnectClip accessory you can make and receive hands-free phone calls using any modern smartphone. You can stream music directly to your hearing aids using an iPhone, iPod or iPad, or using ConnectClip with other types of device. ConnectClip also acts as a remote microphone and remote control.

Using the ON app, you can also access a range of other features, including volume adjustments, a booster function for on-demand support and HearingFitnessTM – a new feature that offers advice on how to hear better, protect your hearing and improve your health.  

Via, or ‘The Internet of Things’, you can even connect your hearing aids to all kinds of other devices, for example, to tell you when someone’s ringing your doorbell or has sent you a text message. And using the Oticon TV Adapter, you can stream sound from your TV straight into your ears. 


Superfast three hour charging


Known as the miniRITE R, the Oticon Opn S’s rechargeable device comes with its own stylish contact-free charger, taking away the hassle of buying, changing and disposing of batteries. Your hearing aids will be fully charged for the day in just three hours, including streaming, and there’s a special 30 minute quick recharge function that gives you another six hours of use. 


State of the art sound management

Whistling and feedback are two of the most annoying side effects of traditional hearing aids, making it hard to put the phone to your ear or even give someone a hug without triggering interference. The Oticon Opn S uses cutting-edge technology to detect and stop feedback before it even happens, giving you a more comfortable listening experience. 

Other sound management features include:

  • Spatial SoundTM LX – focus your attention on the sounds that interest you the most

  • Speech GuardTM LX – keep up with the conversation in busy environments

  • Speech RescueTM LX and Soft Speech Booster LX – hear high and low frequency sounds without adjusting your volume control

  • Wind Noise Management – does what it says on the tin!

  • Tinnitus SoundSupportTM – relief sounds for people with tinnitus 


Find out more

If you think Oticon Opn S could be the hearing aid for you, please contact Key to Hearing today for your no obligation hearing check and consultation or download the Oticon Opn S brochure to find out more.



1. Juul Jensen 2019, Oticon Whitepaper