"the quality of my life has greatly improved"

A personal success story

Mr Ankers from Swanage was referred to Key to Hearing by one of our existing clients. Mr Ankers was provided with Phonak Naida hearing solutions. Please read his story below.

"Excellent service..."

"At the age of ninety I can state unequivocally that the excellent service I have received from Key to Hearing in the person of Keeley Salmon has been amongst the very best that I have received from anyone in the course of my long life.

In recent years my hearing deteriorated rapidly and severely, such that I found any kind of conversation or watching television almost impossible. I felt that I was beginning to withdraw from any kind of social life.

For a short while I experienced some improvement from hearing aids provided by the National Health Service but it became apparent that they were not up to the mark of what I needed.

Quite by chance I came across Keeley through contact with a neighbour and we arranged an initial consultation. It proved to be one of the most sensible things I have done in recent years.

Keeley came to the house and spent two hours assessing in great detail the extent of my hearing loss and how she thought it could be improved. I was impressed by her delightful personal skills, her meticulous attention to detail, and the advice she offered. At no time did I feel under any pressure whatsoever to sign up for the hearing aids she suggested: her emphasis was not on selling me aids but on assessing and meeting my particular needs".


"Thank goodness I did..."

"But I did, and thank goodness I did.

Within a short time Keeley returned to fit the new hearing aids and again spent an unhurried session making sure that they fitted correctly, especially the moulds, and that they were properly tuned for me to derive the best possible level of performance. She has a depth of knowledge about how to improve hearing but is always able to explain what is happening in terms accessible to a layman!

Subsequently, as part of the inclusive service offered by Key to Hearing, she returned on several occasions to make sure that the new aids were working well and that I was happy with the great improvement to my hearing that she had created.

I certainly am! I now enjoy again many things that my very severe deafness had caused me to miss and consequently the quality of my life has greatly improved".


"Independent private company..."

"One of the great benefits of Key to Hearing is that it is an independent private company owned by Keeley and her partner. This means that she does not work for one particular hearing aid company and is able to offer a very personal and individual service combined with a wide range of choice.

I am delighted therefore to be able to recommend Keeley Salmon and Key to Hearing without any reservation whatsoever".

Mr Ankers - Swanage

Mr Ankers with Keeley

Mr Ankers with Keeley