Boost your TV listening experience

Difficulty hearing speech on the TV is a common issue that we come across when visiting our customers. People might say “I can hear people speaking, but can’t always make out what is being said” or “the TV volume and voices vary so much it makes it hard to follow”. With extra slim TVs now being the norm the space for speakers has shrunk considerably with many people nowadays resorting to soundbars or additional “home theatre” setups to help hear the TV with more depth and clarity.

We know that hearing aids can make a difference to those who have difficulty hearing the TV and can prevent you having to adjust the volume to loud levels potentially annoying partners or neighbours. However, did you know that if you already wear hearing aids there is a portfolio of wireless accessories that work in partnership with your hearing aids specifically to help you with the TV?

TV streamers are one of these very accessories. They transform a person’s hearing aid/s into a wireless stereo headset. A wireless neck loop links the hearing aid/s to a small TV base unit that is wired to the TV.

When in use, a message is sent to the hearing aids to tell the person that the system is connected and ‘on’. The TV signal is then delivered wirelessly from the TV via the neck loop to the hearing aids without any noticeable delay. If needed, fine tuning adjustments can be made by us to enhance the listening experience.

The system is ideal for allowing people to comfortably hear the TV at their preferred volume and does not affect the loudness for other people in the room. It is quick and easy to install and has a range of up to 30 meters (100 ft).

TV streamers are available from all the main hearing aid manufacturers including Phonak, Unitron Starkey and Oticon. Please contact us to find out more or take a look at our hearing aid accessories page for further information.