Oticon announce their next generation of Performance Line hearing instruments

Oticon have recently announced the launch of their next generation of Performance Line hearing solutions featuring: -

  • New, even more powerful Inium Sense processor
  • Improved soft speech understanding
  • Tinnitus relief

The new Inium Sense processor includes a new feature called “Soft Speech Booster” and enhances your ability to hear soft and quiet voices in delicate moments and private conversations. This feature will be available in the Alta2 and Nera2.

Oticon’s new tinnitus relief program features a comprehensive sound generator with unique ocean sounds and can be found in the Pro families of the Alta2, Nera2 and Ria2. Other improvements include a new Inium Sense feedback shield, back directionality and extra preset programs.

We hope to have the new Oticon product range available to us in the coming weeks. Check out our Oticon page or contact us to register your interest.