Let us help you take care of your hearing aid

Hearing Aid Care Advice

Caring for your hearing aid is important to ensure long life and reliability. Damage to you hearing aid can be caused by exposure to sweat, earwax and dirt. By maintaining your hearing aid’s physical condition you can assure a long-term functioning device.


Oticon Alta hearing instruments

Oticon Alta hearing instruments

General Advice to Protect your Hearing Aid

Protect from Dirt

Ensure that your hands are clean and dry when inserting or removing your hearing aid. The microphone area is very small and can become blocked if not handled correctly.

Protect from Moisture

Hearing aids like to be kept clean and dry. Ensure that you do not expose your hearing aid to excessive moisture. Remove your hearing aid(s) before showering/bathing or swimming.

General Tips for Hearing Aid Maintenance

  • Store your hearing aid in a cool dry place.
  • Protect your hearing aid from excessive heat.
  • Protect your hearing aid from sprays such as hairspray.
  • Use the cleaning tools provided to brush or wipe any excess wax or moisture off of the device/earmould.
  • Do not insert the tools into the sound outlet (receiver) as this could damage the hearing aid.
  • Only use the wax filters and instructions provided.
  • Change the wax filter regularly.
  • Switch your hearing aid off when not using it.
  • If you are not wearing the hearing aid for a long period of time, remove the battery

Let us help you take care of your hearing aid

Ask your hearing care professional if you are unsure about cleaning and maintenance.