Starkey release Muse BTE 13

Following Starkey’s successful launch of the Muse platform earlier this year, the latest addition to the product family sees the release of the Muse BTE 13. Powered by Starkey’s Synergy platform the Muse BTE 13 is driven by their quad core twin compressor.

Starkey Muse BTE 13.png

“Since launching Synergy in March, we’ve been awed at the overall success of the launch and how well the products have been received by our hearing professionals and our patients,” said Starkey Hearing Technologies’ Vice President of Education and Audiology Sara Burdak. “Synergy has allowed to us to provide patients with so many of the things they’ve asked for in hearing aids: sleek, discreet hearing aid styles; high--‐definition ear--‐to--‐ear streaming; relief from tinnitus; no feedback; high--‐ quality sound in noise; and the ability to connect with the other technology in their lives.”

The Synergy platform features Starkey’s Acuity Operating System and even in complex listening environments, speech sounds crisp and distinctive, ambient noise sounds natural and music sounds rich and immersive. The new Muse BTE 13 features:

  • 70dB of gain
  • Size 13 battery
  • Rocker switch for easy access to volume and memory control
  • Standard telecoil

“Including a BTE 13 in the Muse family means that we are able to provide more options for patients and ensure that better hearing is available for a variety of hearing losses,” said Burdak. “Every patient is fit uniquely, and the BTE 13 offers all the great benefits of our Muse hearing aid technology with the added features of a rocker switch and telecoil.”

Highlighted benefits of the Muse hearing aids include:

  • Next- generation feedback cancellation, adaptive noise management and directionality
  • CROS System functionality – Helps those with singled sided hearing
  • Ear-to-ear phone streaming – Makes understanding on the phone easier than ever
  • Multiflex Tinnitus Technology – Delivers all-day relief for those with ringing in the ears.

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