Phonak introduce the Audéo V the first release off their new Venture platform

Last week saw the unveiling of the new Phonak Venture platform at the European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) congress. For the new processing platform Phonak have looked at the needs of the wearer and focused on the following requirements: -

  • Perform with accuracy and provision in a multitude of listening environments
  • Offer seamless listening experiences with easy operation
  • Appeal to wearer’s individuality and expectations
  • Be discreet and require as little interaction as possible
  • Provide easy mobile phone use.

The new AutoSense operating system (OS)

The Venture chip has a new analog to digital processor which features twice the processing power of the previous Quest chip but requires less power consumption. The Venture chip forms the foundation of Phonak’s new AutoSense OS.

The AutoSense OS is able to capture and analyse incoming sound and draw on more than 200 settings to match the sound environment exactly whilst seamlessly providing the best setting for that environment without manual interaction. The new Speech in Loud Noise program improves speech intelligibility when chatting with friends in noisy environments. Other new or improved AutoSense programs include a Speech in Car program that reduces broadband noise in the car to create a more stable listening environment and a Music program offering an expanded dynamic range and slower compression for a fuller and richer music experience.

New wireless accessories for the new generation

Along with the release of the new Venture platform came the announcement of the release of a series of new wireless accessories designed to improve connection, consume less power and to provide seamless integration with the platform.

Phonak EasyCall

A universal mobile phone streamer that can connect to any Bluetooth enabled phone. The device stays attached to the back of the phone and streams the conversation directly to both hearing aids in unmatched sound quality.

Compilot Air II

A newly designed clip-on audio streamer that removes the need for a neckloop. Focused on Bluetooth technology to connect Phonak Venture hearing aids wirelessly to mobile phones or Bluetooth enabled music sources. Ideal for connecting to tablets and laptops.

Phonak Remote Control App

Turns any smartphone into a remote control when combined with the Compilot II and Compilot Air II. Enables direct selection of hearing programs, audio sources as well as individual L/R volume control.

Also released are the Phonak ComPilot II, Phonak DECT II, Phonak RemoteMic II, Phonak PilotOne II and Phonak TVLink II. UK release dates to be confirmed.

Click the links to find out more about the Phonak Audeo V and Phonak's Wireless Accessories.