Starkey Z Series now available

Starkey Z Series

Hear Better, Live Better

The Starkey Z Series has now been released. Last week Will and I attended an online tutorial by Starkey to learn about some of the exciting features that this new release from Starkey brings to the market.

Wireless hearing aid products are becoming increasingly more mainstream and their compatibility with equipment we use on an everyday basis is becoming progressively more important. We commonly now use wireless accessories to work alongside our hearing aids to help with the telephone, the television or as a remote control.

The new Starkey Z Series is based on 900 mHZ technology which gives reliable connectivity and signal strength and increased performance over distance. The Z Series is specifically designed to help work seemlessly with remote accessories including the new Surflink Mobile 2.

Surflink Mobile 2

Alongside the Starkey Z Series sees the release of the new Surflink Mobile 2 with an improved battery life, an updated user interface and integrated set up logic. The Surflink Mobile 2 acts as a remote control as well as having connectivity to all the latest mobile phones and tablets. The Surflink Mobile 2 can also be used as a remote microphone so sounds can be streamed over distance.

Introducing Acuity Directionality with Speech ID

Starkey are proud to introduce the new Acuity Directionality with Speech ID. The feature has been specifically designed to offer improved speech understanding in background noise with a directional benefit of 5 to 11dB and up to 70% improvement in speech understanding.

The Starkey Z Series is available in 5 technology levels and styles including Behind-the-Ear and In-the-Canal to suit your hearing requirements.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Starkey Z Series get in contact with us today.