Phonak Naída B – The 5th generation power hearing aid from Phonak


Phonak complete their Belong platform with the release of the Naída B

Phonak have just launched the 5th generation of their power hearing aid. The Naída B is Phonak’s most powerful hearing aid range and developed for those who need the most amplification. Featuring a suite of dedicated technologies that modify, compress, amplify and help distinguish sounds that bring people with a severe to profound hearing loss closer to the beauty of sound.

Benefits include

  • More audibility of high-pitched sounds
  • Excellent speech understanding
  • Enhanced hearing performance in nearby noise and over distance when combined with Roger microphone technology
  • New easy-to-use rechargeable model

The official word

“Around the world, hearing care professionals trust Phonak to deliver innovative hearing solutions that solve even the most challenging situations,” said Thomas Lang, Senior Vice President of Phonak Marketing. “Today Phonak builds on this legacy of trust by introducing products that redefine expectations in power, pediatrics and Roger connectivity. Our now-complete Belong platform portfolio means professionals have the flexibility to offer the industry’s most comprehensive rechargeable suite of hearing solutions to ensure the best possible care.”

Technologies include

  • SoundRecover2 – maintains the sound quality of low-pitched sounds, while making high-pitched sounds easier for you to hear again.
  • Binaural VoiceStream Technology – both hearing aids communicate with each other in real-time meaning you benefit from excellent speech understanding and reduced listening effort in background noise and in challenging listening situations.
  • Rechargeable B-R model – The Naída B-R RIC (receiver-in-the-canal) is a rechargeable hearing aid featuring a lithium-ion battery that is capable of being fully charged in just three hours for 24 hours of use.

What we say

The Phonak Naída range is our go to hearing aid for those who need the most help with their hearing. We have already had our first successful fitting with the new technology and look forward to many more. The Naída B is available in four different models and four technology levels with nine different colours to choose from. Contact us today if you would like to know more about the Phonak Naída B range and are looking for a trusted Phonak hearing aid provider in the Bournemouth area.



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