Unitron Moxi All – The world’s only rechargeable hearing instrument that connects directly to any mobile phone

Recently released, the Unitron Moxi All range features the first rechargeable hearing aid that directly connects to any Bluetooth enabled phone without the need for a streamer.

Hands Free

With the Moxi All there is no need to touch the phone. You can clearly here what the caller is saying while your voice is transmitted via microphones in your hearing aid to your mobile phone. Acting like a Bluetooth headset the Moxi All can connect to mobile phones up to 10 metres away. You can experience amazing sound quality and more enjoyable conversations.

Stay in the conversation all day on a single overnight charge


The Moxi All features the same SWORD (Sonova Wireless One Radio Digital) chip processer used in the Phonak Audeo B-Direct but does not lose any of its advanced binaural performance features. The Moxi All R uses the ZPower rechargeable system for hearing aids. A full power up overnight (7 hours) means on average the rechargeable battery will last 16 hours, including two hours of mobile phone use and five hours of TV streaming. The beauty of the rechargeable system is that if you forget to charge you can always swap out the rechargeable battery with a traditional Zinc-Air battery, so you always have a backup in emergencies. 

TV Connector

The new TV Connector makes it easy to watch your favourite programs by wirelessly connecting your Moxi All hearing aids to your TV. It also works with your computer, stereo and digital devices as well.


My Ratings

If you would like to try a pair of the Unitron Moxi All hearing devices and have an Apple or Android smartphone you can use the My Ratings feature in the Remote Plus or uControl app to record your impressions of the hearing aid performance throughout your day. This information can be used at your follow-up appointment to help us further understand your listening lifestyle and choose the best solution for your needs. Contact us for further details.

Contact us for further details

We have a pair of the Unitron Moxi All hearing aids available for demonstration or trial, so you can experience better conversations for yourself. Contact us today to register your interest or take a look at our Unitron page to see more great hearing instruments.


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